I don't think I care about fake media

April 13, 2023

I’m listening to the fully AI generated Joe Rogan interview with Sam Altman. As I’m listening to it, I’m coming to realize that I don’t care that it’s all AI generated. It’s still entertaining content.

I had a discussion about these kinds of clones with friends a couple years ago, one who’s dad passed away. One friend argued that there would need to be constant reminders and disclaimers to remind the user that the person they were talking with was fake and not real. This felt a little tone deaf to me at the time, and the friend who’s dad had passed away said that he would not care one bit, as long as he could have a conversation/interact with some resemblance of his dad. I think most people will feel that way after the initial shock of AI generated content is over. After we have realized that it truly doesn’t matter as long as the content that is generated produces value in our lives.

There is some precedence for this theory. Content mills and advertising firms flood our feeds with artificial, yet human created, content all the time. They’ve been doing it for at least a decade and the public has known about it for almost as long. And yet we still use social media sites, we still browse public forums. If you want to know what people truly believe, look at how they spend their time and what they spend their money on.

Here is the video for reference: