Tags: Django, CSS3, HTML5, Javascript, DigitalOcean, NGINX, PostgreSQL, Redis, GPT-2, AWS, EC2, IAM, S3, DynamoDB, Stripe, Google Workspace, Docker, Celery

Emberlight was a first of its kind web app that used artificial intelligence to write the first draft of a student's essay based off of a single prompt.

It is hosted on DigitalOcean using NGINX for the webserver, PostgreSQL for the database, and Redis for the demo. For paying customers it runs an A.I. on an AWS EC2 instance to process custom prompts.

All subscriptions are handled through Stripe, including payment information, renewals, coupon codes, churn rate, cancellations, and much more. Custom emails ([email protected]) are managed through Google Workspace.

Dynamic Resume Generator
Tags: Python

This is a tool that I built it to help create and manage my job applications.

Inventory Imager
Tags: Python, OpenCV

A program designed for inventory cataloging that ingests thousands of pictures of parts to automatically photoshop them and produce a nice looking picture for each inventory item.

Rocket League Ai
Tags: Python, OpenCV, PyTorch, Numpy, Pandas

Rocket League AI is an AI that has learned to play Rocket League via Deep Learning. It is a continual work in progress, with the goal of being indistinguishable from a top level player.

Macro Maker
Tags: Python

A modular macro creation framework that allows for very quick creation of custom macros. It reduced task completion times from months to days. It gives statistical feedback based on how close you are to completing the current task.

The Lisowe
Tags: Python, Django, CSS3, HTML5, Javascript, Bootstrap UI, DigitalOcean, NGINX, PostgreSQL, Docker

The Lisowe is a blog that I built in under a day, with only minor tweaks after that to add features, content and improve user experience.

It is hosted on DigitalOcean using NGINX for the webserver and PostgreSQL for the database.

Users can sign up for a newsletter with their email, building up an email list. Post creation features a WYSIWYG editor, dynamic URLs upon publication, draft status, and publication/edit dates. Other basic features are a "Contact" and "Portfolio" page where you can show off projects you've built. It also features a search function to look for specific content within individual blogs.

Driver Enhancement Suite
Tags: Python, Django, CSS3, HTML5, Javascript, NeumorphismUI, DigitalOcean, NGINX, PostgreSQL, Docker

Driver Enhancement Suite is a landing page for a mobile app I'm working on that will help gig workers who deliver food work for multiple platforms and keep track of expenses.

It is hosted on DigitalOcean using NGINX for the webserver and PostgreSQL for the database. It features a Neumorphic design pattern that makes the content look like it's rising out of the page.

I built an API endpoint to handle user registration, authentication, and more. The mobile app connects to and sends data via a secure WebSocket connection to ensure maximum security. Updates can be posted on the web and then later fetched and displayed in-app for users to view.